B.Tech Dairy Technology Books

When pursuing a B.Tech Dairy Technology, having the right Dairy Technology Books can make a significant difference in your studies. To excel in your agricultural education, it’s crucial to have access to quality resources. Here are some recommended Dairy Technology Books that cover a wide range of topics:

Serial No.Subject NameLink
1Biochemistry and Human NutritionView
2By-Products TechnologyView
3Cheese TechnologyView
4Chemical Quality AssuranceView
5Chemistry of MilkView
6Communication SkillsView
7Computer ProgrammingView
8Condensed and Dried ProductsView
9Dairy BiotechnologyView
10Dairy EngineeringView
11Dairy Extension EducationView
12Dairy Plant Management and Pollution ControlView
13Dairy Process EngineeringView
14Diary Plant Design & LayoutView
15Economic AnalysisView
16Electrical EngineeringView
17Engineering DrawingView
18Entrepreneurship Dev. & Ind. ConsultancyView
19Environmental Studies-IView
20Fat Rich Dairy ProductsView
21Financial Management & Cost AccountingView
22Fluid MechanicsView
23Food & Industrial MicrobiologyView
24Food ChemistryView
25Food EngineeringView
26Food Technology-IView
27Food Technology-IIView
28Fundamentals of MicrobiologyView
29Heat & Mass TransferView
30Icecream & Frozen DessertsView
31Industrial StatisticsView
32Instrumentation and Process ControlView
33Introductory Diary MicrobiologyView
34IT in Dairy IndustryView
35Judging of Dairy ProductsView
36Market MilkView
37Marketing Management & International TradeView
38Microbiological Quantity & SafetyView
39Operations ResearchView
40Organic ChemistryView
41Packaging of Dairy ProductsView
42Physical Chemistry of MilkView
43Principles of Dairy Machine DesignView
44Refrigeration & Air-ConditioningView
45Starter Cultures and Fermented Milk ProductsView
47Traditional Dairy ProductsView
48Workshop PracticeView