B.Tech Agriculture Engineering Books

When pursuing a B.Tech Agriculture Engineering, having the right Agriculture Engineering Books can make a significant difference in your studies. To excel in your agricultural education, it’s crucial to have access to quality resources. Here are some recommended Agriculture Engineering Books that cover a wide range of topics:

Serial No.Subject Name of Agriculture Engineering BooksLink
1Agribusiness Management and TradeView
2Agricultural Structures and Environmental ControlView
3Agriculture for Engineers View
4Applied Electronics and InstrumentationView
5CADCAM Machine Drawing and Computer GraphicsView
6Computer programming and Data StructuresView
7Crop Process EngineeringView
8Dairy and Food EngineeringView
9Design and maintenance of green houseView
10Design of StructuresView
11Development of Processed Products & EquipmentsView
12Drainage EnggView
13Drying and Storage EngineeringView
14Electrical CircuitsView
15Electrical MC’s and Power UtilizationView
16Engineering ChemistryView
17Engineering Mathematics – IView
18Engineering Mathematics-IIView
19Engineering Mathematics – IIIView
20Engineering MechanicsView
21Engineering PhysicsView
22Engineering Properties of Biological Materials and Food QualityView
23Entrepreneurship Development and Comm. SkillView
24Environmental EngineeringView
25Environmental ScienceView
26Farm Machinery and Equipment-IView
27Farm Machinery and Equipment-IIView
28Farm PowerView
29Fluid MechanicsView
30Food Packaging TechnologyView
31Ground Water Wells and PumpsView
32Heat and Mass TransferView
33Irrigation EngineeringView
34Machine DesignView
35Mechanics of Tillage and TractionView
36Micro Irrigation Systems DesignView
37Production Technology of Agricultural MachineryView
38Refrigeration and Air ConditioningView
39Renewable Energy SourcesView
40Renewable Energy TechnologyView
41Soil MechanicsView
42Strength of MaterialView
43Surveying and LevellingView
44System EngineeringView
45Theory of MachinesView
46Thermodynamics and Heat EngineView
47Tractor System and ControlView
48Waste and by Product UtilizationView
49Watershed HydrologyView
50Watershed Planning and ManagementView
51Workshop TechnologyView

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