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When pursuing a B.Sc in Agriculture, having the right B.Sc Agriculture Books can make a significant difference in your studies. To excel in your agricultural education, it’s crucial to have access to quality resources. Here are some recommended B.Sc Agriculture books that cover a wide range of topics:

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B.Sc Agriculture Books (Subjects) Available for Download:

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Serial No.Subject Name of B.Sc Agriculture BooksAuthor Link
1Agricultural Finance & CooperationTNAUView
2Agricultural Marketing Trade and PricesTNAUView
3Agricultural MicrobiologyTNAUView
4Breeding of Field & Horticultural CropsTNAUView
5Comprehension & Developing Comm. Skills in EnglishTNAUView
6Crop Pests & Stored Grain Pests and their ManagementTNAUView
7Crop PhysiologyTNAUView
8Dimensions of Agriculture ExtensionTNAUView
9Disease of Horticultural Crops and their ManagementTNAUView
10Diseases of Field Crops and their ManagementTNAUView
11Entrepreneurship DevelopmentsTNAUView
12Environmental Science-ITNAUView
13Extension Methodologies for Transfer of Agriculture TechnologyTNAUView
14Farm Power and MachineryTNAUView
15Field Crops KharifTNAUView
16Field Crops RabiTNAUView
17Fundamentals of Soil Water Conservation and EngineeringTNAUView
18Fundamentals of Agri-Business ManagementTNAUView
19Fundamentals of BiochemistryTNAUView
20Fundamentals of Rural and Educational PsycologyTNAUView
21Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest ManagementTNAUView
22Insect Morphology and SystematicsTNAUView
23Introduction to Computer ApplicationsTNAUView
24Introduction to Soil ScienceTNAUView
25Introductory AgricultureTNAUView
26Introductory NematologyTNAUView
27Livestock Production and ManagementTNAUView
28Manures Fertilizers and AgrochemicalsTNAUView
30Plant Pathogens and Principles of Plant PathologyTNAUView
31Post Harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and VegetablesTNAUView
32Practical Crop Production I and IITNAUView
33Principles of Agricultural EconomicsTNAUView
34Principles of Agronomy and Agriculture MeteorologyTNAUView
35Principles of GeneticsTNAUView
36Principles of Plant BiotechnologyTNAUView
37Principles of Plant Breeding-ITNAUView
38Principles of Seed TechnologyTNAUView
39Production Economics and Farm ManagementTNAUView
40Production Technology of Spices, Aromatic, Medicinal and Plantation CropsTNAUView
41Production Technology of Fruit CropsTNAUView
42Production Technology of Vegetables and FlowersTNAUView
43Protected Cultivation and Post Harvest TechnologyTNAUView
44Renewable EnergyTNAUView
45Social and Farm ForestryTNAUView
46Soil Chemistry, Soil Fertility and Nutrient ManagementTNAUView
48Water Management including Micro IrrigationTNAUView
49Weed ManagementTNAUView
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50Agricultural heritageBAUView
51Agricultural microbiologyBAUView
52Agriculture finance and cooperationBAUView
53Agriculture informaticsBAUView
54Agriculture marketing trade and pricesBAUView
55Communication skills and personality developmentBAUView
56Comprehension and communication skills in EnglishBAUView
57Crop production technology (Kharif Crops)BAUView
58Crop production technology (Rabi crops)BAUView
59Crop production technology for vegetables and spicesBAUView
60Elementary mathematicsBAUView
61Environmental studies and disaster managementBAUView
62Farm machinery and powerBAUView
63Farming system and sustainable agricultureBAUView
64Fundamental of agronomyBAUView
65Fundamental of Soil ScienceBAUView
66Fundamentals of agricultural extension educationBAUView
67Fundamentals of AgronomyBAUView
68Fundamentals of crop physiologyBAUView
69Fundamentals of entomologyBAUView
70Fundamentals of geneticsBAUView
71Fundamentals of horticultureBAUView
72Fundamentals of plant biochemistry and biotechnologyBAUView
73Fundamentals of plant breedingBAUView
74Fundamentals of plant pathologyBAUView
75Human value and ethicsBAUView
76Introductory agrometeorology and climate changeBAUView
77Introductory biologyBAUView
78Livestock and poultry managementBAUView
79Principles of seed technologyBAUView
80Principles of agricultural economicsBAUView
81Problematic soils and their managementBAUView
82Production technology of fruit and plantation cropsBAUView
83Production technology of Ornamental crops, Map & LandscapingBAUView
84Renewable energy and green technology (practical) AEN -221BAUView
85Renewable energy and green technologyBAUView
86Rural sociology and educationBAUView
87Soil and water conservation engineeringBAUView
88Statistical methodBAUView
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