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Fundamentals of AgriBusiness Management pdf

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Book Detail: Fundamentals of AgriBusiness Management / Fundamentals of AgriBusiness Management
Language:  English
Pages: 162
Author: TNAU


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1.Agribusiness 4-16

2.Small business 17-28

3.Management 29-37

4.Planning 38-47

5.Organizing 48-63

6.Directing 64-71

7.Controlling 72-78

8.Production management 79-92

9.Materials management 93-100

10.Marketing management 101-110

11.Personnel management 111-119

12.Financial management 120-133

13.Management information system 134-136

14.Government programmers and regulations for agribusiness 137-147

15.Agricultural inputs and agro-processing 148-157

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