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Introductory Nematology pdf

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Book Detail: Introductory Nematology
Language:  English
Pages: 79
Author: TNAU


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  1. Introduction 1-4

2. History of Nematology in India5-8

3. Morphology and Anatomy of Nematodes9-16

4. Anatomy: Inner Body Tube17-21

5. Anatomy: Oesophageal glands22-25

6. Male Reproductive System26-32

7.Biology of Plant Parasitic Nematodes33-43

8. Taxonomy of Plant Parasitic Nematodes44-47

9. Ecological classification of plant parasitic nematodes48-50

10. Identification of economically important plant nematodes51-56

11. Symptoms Caused by Nematodes57-60

12. Interaction of Nematodes with Micro-Organisms61-63

13. Different methods of Nematode Control64-69

14. Biological Control70-7315Integrated Nematode Management74-75

15. Integrated Nematode Management74-75

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