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Book Detail: Renewable Energy
Language:  English
Pages: 209
Author: TNAU


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Module –I Overview of renewable energy sources

Lecture-1. Classification ofenergysources5-9

Lecture-2.Introduction torenewableenergy10-25

Lecture 3.Renewable Energy-Potentials and Achievements26-37

Module –II Characterization of Biomass

Lecture-4.Characterizationof biomass38-43


Module –III Thermo-chemical conversion Technology (TCCT)

Lecture-6. BiomassCombustionTechnology51-60

Lecture-7.Gasifier Technology61-70

Lecture-8.BiomassGasification Methods71-78

Lecture-9. Removal of tar and impurities from gasification79-80

Lecture 10- Principles of pyrolysisandmethods81-88

Module –IV Biochemical conversion Technology-Biogas (BCCT)


Lecture-12. Biogasplantstypes98-104

Lecture 13. Microbiology ofbiogasproduction105-117

Lecture 14. Size and selection for Biogas plant 118-120

Lecture 15.Biogas plant- materials and methods for Construction 121-128


Module –V Bio-fuels (BCCT)

Lecture 16.Bio-Fuelsandcharacteristics129-135


Lecture-18.Bio-Diesel production processes 140-149

Lecture-19.Bio-EthanolProduction 150-156

Lecture-20.Importanceofbiofuels 157-158

Module –VI Solar Energy Conversion System (SECS)

Lecture-21.Basics ofSolarPhotovoltaic’s159-164

Lecture 22.Recent trends in solar drying-solartunneldrier165-167


Lecture-24.Solar PV andwaterpumping171-173

Lecture- 25.SolarWater Heater174-177

Module –VII Hydro-Energy Conversion System (HECS)


Module –VIII Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS)

Lecture-27-Wind energyconversionprinciples184-188

Lecture 28-wind mill-aerogenerator189-199

Module-IX. Energy conservation in agriculture

Lecture-29. Energy conservationinagriculture200-208

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