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Book Detail: Irrigation Engineering
Language: English
Pages: 361
Author: TNAU


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  1. Water Resources of India and its Demand in Various Sectors5-10

2. Irrigation Development11-14

3. Irrigation Projects15-19

4. Environmental Impact Assessment & Inter Basin WaterTransfer20-26

5. Methods of Water Measurements in Open Channels27-35

6. Weirs36-44

7. Flumes45-50

8. Orifices51-55

9. Water Flow Measurement in Pipes56-62

10. Pipe Orifice, Water Meter and Propeller Meter63-67

11. Open Channel Flow68-74

12. Design of Open Channel75-82

13. On Farm Structures for Water Conveyance83-86

14. Structures for Diversions and Channel Crossings87-90

15. Underground Pipeline Systems91-98

16. Design and Operation of Underground Pipeline System99-103

17. Land Grading Survey and Design104-110

18. Land Leveling Methods111-118

19. Contour Bench Levelling and Earthwork Quantities Computation119-125

20. Equipment for Land Grading126-129

21. Soil Water130-140

22. Infiltration141-147

23. Soil Water Movement148-155

24. Soil Water Constants156-165

25. Evapotranspiration166-176

26. Crop Water Requirement177-182

27. Irrigation Scheduling183-190

28. Irrigation Efficiency191-197

29. Surface Irrigation198-103

30. Surface Irrigation Methods104-212

31. Surface Irrigation Hydraulics213-218

32. Furrow Irrigation System219-222

33. Border Irrigation System223-232

34. Basin Irrigation System233-238

35. Sprinkler Irrigation239-243

36. Types and Components of Sprinkler System244-248

37. Design of Sprinkler Irrigation System-I249-255

38. Design of Sprinkler Irrigation System-II256-268

39. Application of Fertilizers and Chemicals through SprinklerSystem269-279

40. Evaluation of Rotating Head Sprinklers and Operation ofSprinkler System280-288

41. Drip Irrigation289-297

42. Components of Drip Irrigation System-I298-305

43. Description of Drip System Components and their Selection-II306-315

44. Planning and Design of Drip Irrigation System316-324

45. Evaluation of Drip Emitters and Design of Drip IrrigationSystem325-335

46. Installation Operation and Maintenance of Drip IrrigationSystems336-340

47. Project Planning and Financial Analysis of Irrigation Project341-354

48. National Water Policy and Participatory IrrigationManagement355-360

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