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Drainage Engineering pdf

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Book Detail: Drainage Engineering
Language: English
Pages: 195
Author: IIT, Kharagpur


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Module 1: Basics of Agricultural Drainage

Lesson 1 Introduction to Land Drainage5-12

Lesson 2 Land Drainage Systems13-15

Module 2: Surface and Subsurface Drainage Systems

Lesson 3 Design of Surface Drainage Systems16-33

Lesson 4 Design of Subsurface Drainage Systems34-48

Lesson 5 Investigation of Drainage Design Parameters49-64

Module 3: Subsurface Flow to Drains and Drainage Equations

Lesson 6 Steady-State Flow to Drains65-83

Lesson 7 Unsteady-State Flow to Drains84-95

Lesson 8 Special Drainage Situations96-104

Module 4: Construction of Pipe Drainage Systems

Lesson 9 Materials for Pipe Drainage Systems105-111

Lesson 10 Layout and Installation of Pipe Drains112-119

Module 5: Drainage for Salt Control

Lesson 11 Drainage of Irrigated, Humid and CoastalRegions120-130

Lesson 12 Vertical Drainage and Bio drainage Systems131-138

Lesson 13 Salt Balance of Irrigated Land139-149

Lesson 14 Reclamation of Chemically Degraded Soils150-163

Lesson 15 Salient Case Studies on Drainage and Salt Management164-186

Module 6: Economics of Drainage

Lesson 16 Economic Evaluation of Drainage Projects187-193


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