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Environmental Science

Book Detail: Environmental Science
Language:  English
Pages: 215
Author: TNAU
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  1. Scope and Importance of Environmental Studies4-14

2. Natural resources: Renewable and Non renewable resources. Land and Water15-23

3. Natural resources: forest, wildlife, energy and food resources 24-40

4. Ecosystems: Definition, concept, structure and functions41-49

5. Producers, consumers and decomposers of an ecosystem. Energy flow in the ecosystem. Types of ecosystems 50-57

6. Bio-diversity: Definition, classification, threats to biodiversity and its conservation58-68

7. Environmental pollution: Causes, effects and control ofair69-81

8. Global warming and climate change 82-102

9. Causes,effectsandcontrolofwaterandmarinepollution103-130

10. Causes, effects and control of soil pollution131-140

11. Causes, effects and control of noise and thermal pollution141-146

12. Causes, effects and management of nuclear hazards and industrial wastes147-163

13. Disastermanagement,Floods,earthquakes,cyclonesandlandslides164-177

14. Social issues and the environment, unsustainable to sustainable development178-182

15. The Environment Protection Act, the Air Act, the water Act, the Wildlife Protection Act and Forest Conservation Act183-190

16. National and state level organizations – Environmental Laws and Acts –Environmental Education –CDM191-200

17. Woman and child welfare, HIV/AIDS and Role of information technology on environment and human health201-209

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