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Farm Power and Machinery pdf

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Book Detail: Farm Power and Machinery
Language:  English
Pages: 168
Author: TNAU


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Lecture 01: Farm Power in INDIA – Human, Animal, Mechanical and Electrical EnergySources and their Use in Agriculture

Lecture 02: Two Stroke and Four Stroke Engines, Working Principles, Applications- Types, Power and Efficiency

Lecture 03: Different Systems of IC Engine- Cooling, Lubricating, Fuel Injection Systems

Lecture 04: Tractors- Types and Utilities

Lecture 05: Tillage- Objectives and Types Furrow terminology and Methods of Ploughing. Field Capacity and Field Efficiency

Lecture 06: Primary Tillage- Objectives, Mouldboard Plough, Disc Plough, Chisel Plough, Subsoiler, Components and Functions, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Lecture 07: Secondary Tillage Equipment– Harrows, Land Forming Equipment-Rotavators- Wetland Equipment – Puddlers and Manure Tramplers – cage wheels

Lecture 08: Sowing method- Seeds Drills, Seed Cum Fertilizer Drills- Components and Functions

Lecture 09: Paddy Transplanters, Types, Working Principle, Field and Nursery Requirements

Lecture 10: Implements for Intercultural Operations- Hoes, Long Handles Weeders, Cultivators and Rotary Tillage

Lecture 11: Sprayers and their Functions, Classification, Manually Operated Sprayers, PowerSprayers-Dusters, Types and Uses Sprayers

Lecture 12: Harvesting Tools and Equipment- sickles, Paddy Reapers and Combine- Harvesting Machinery for Groundnut, Tuber Crops-Sugarcane Harvesters

Lecture 13: Tools for Horticultural Crops- Propagation Tools, Planters and Harvesting Tools and Machinery

Lecture 14: Equipment for Land Development and soil conservation- Dozers, Levelers, Chisel plough, Sub Soil Plough, Blade Harrow, Bund Former Land Leveling

Lecture 15: Cost of Operation of Farm Machinery- Problem Solving

Lecture 16: Tractor and implement selection for different Agricultural Operations


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