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Book Detail: Introductory Agriculture
Language:  English
Pages: 125
Author: TNAU


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1 Agriculture Heritage in India 1-7

2 Development of Human Culture and Beginning of Agriculture 8-12

3 Indus Civilization (3250 BC – 2750 BC) 13-15

4 Status of farmers in the society during Indus, Vedic, Buddhist, Mauryan, Gupta and Sangam periods 16-18

5 Kautilta’s Artha-Sastra, Agriculture, animal Husbandry, Commodity Trade etc. – Features of Village 19-21

6 Agriculture in the Sangam Literature of Tamil Nadu22-27

7 Astronomy – Prediction Of Monsoon Rains; Parashara, Varamihira, Panchanga in comparison to modern methods 28-44

8 Ancient soil classification and Maintenance of Soil Productivity45-47

9 Water harvesting and irrigation developments during different periods – water storage – distribution and relevance to modern agriculture. 48-54

10 Plant Protection in Ancient Period – Ink – Harvesting – Threshing and Storage 55-64

11 Crops – Indigenous and Introduced – History of Rice, Sugarcane and Cotton 65-77

12 Gardening in Ancient and Medieval Period – Arbori Horticulture -Orchards 78-84

13 Traditional Technical Knowledge 85-90

14 Vegetable farming – Floriculture– Perfumes and Medicinal Plants 91-99

15 Role of cattle and other domestic animals- management of cattle for draught and milk – indigenous breeds 100-105

16 Description of Indian civilization and agriculture by travelers from China, Europe and USA 106-108

17 Our Journey in Agriculture and Vision for the Future109-117

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