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Protected Cultivation & Post Harvest Technology pdf

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Book Detail: Fundamentals of Biochemistry
Language:  English
Pages: 125
Author: TNAU


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1Green house5-7

2Greenhouse structures of various types8-12

3Plant response to greenhouse environments13-15

4Equipment required for controlling green houseenvironment16-22

5Planning of green house facility23-246Materials for construction of green houses25-28

7Design criteria and constructional details ofgreenhouses29-32

8Greenhouse heating and distribution systems33-40

9Irrigation system used in greenhouses-41-43

12Threshing –threshers for different crops, parts, terminology, care and maintenance44-49

13Winnowing – manual and power operated winnowers, care and maintenance50-52

14Groundnut decorticator-hand operated and power operated decorticators, principles of working, care and maintenance53-54

15Sheller – maize and castor Sheller55-58

16Drying – grain drying, types of drying, types of dryers, importance of drying59-68

17Storage- grain storage – types of storage structures69-74

18Fruits and vegetables cleaning – machinery for cleaning fruits and vegetables, care andmaintenance75-79

19Grading – methods of grading, equipment forgrading of fruits and vegetables, care and maintenance80-88

20Size reduction – equipment for and maintenance size reduction, care89-99

21Evaporation –principles, types of evaporators100-106

22Food standardsandregulations107-113


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